The water system of Calumpit was established in the year 1947. It was operated and managed by the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) but was later transferred to the Local Government of Calumpit. It was serving potable water to four hundred (400) households in four (4) barangays.

Realizing the need to improve and expand the water service in the municipality of Calumpit, the Municipal Council of Calumpit passed SB Resolution #56 on August 12, 1980, forming the Calumpit Water District. But it was only on October 17, 1980 when CAWADI was issued with "Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC)" by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) and became the 140th Water District in the whole archipelago, formed pursuant to Presidential Decree No.198 as amended.

Calumpit Water District started providing water service in only four (4) barangays namely: Poblacion, Balungao, Corazon and Sucol for six (6) hours daily.

Like other water districts in the country, CAWADI encountered at the start many difficulties and various concerns/problems, namely, shortages in water supply, unmetered water service connections, illegal connections, dilapidated water pipes, and many more. On top of all these, CAWADI had no office to be called his own. It occupied a small room owned by the Municipal Government, together with two (2) other government agencies.

In 1981, CAWADI was granted a P250,000.00 loan by LWUA for the purchase of a new water pump. Water meters had also been installed. Furthermore, the loan enabled it to rehabilitate its old water tank and to make extension of pipelines which generated 280 service connections.

Five (5) years later, in 1986, CAWADI was granted another loan in the amount of P850,000.00 by LWUA. With this available fund, a 24-hour water service was supplied for the Calumpiteños. A simple office was constructed in Bgy. Balungao.

Between the period covering 1981 to 1995, the following barangays were being served: Sapang Bayan, Frances, Gatbuca and Calizon.

Year 1996, eleven (11) more barangays were added to the list of barangays being served by CAWADI thru another loan granted by LWUA amounting to P19M. These are Pungo, Sto. Niño, Caniogan, Palimbang, San Marcos, Pio Cruzcosa, Balite, Sergio Bayan, Buguion, Calumpang, and Iba O’Este.

In 1997, three (3) more barangays were added, namely: Longos, Bulusan, and Sta. Lucia.

In 1998, four (4) more barangays were added, as follows: San Jose, Meyto, Panducot and Iba Este.

In 1999, Bgy. Gugo has been added to the said list. Its “battlecry” became “TWO TO GO”.

In the year 2000, as CAWADI celebrated its 20th anniversary, Bgys. Meysulao and San Miguel had been added, and with this accomplishment, it reached its aim to serve all 29 barangays of Calumpit. CAWADI is the 4th Water District in the national scene ever to reach “100% water service area coverage” with a total of 18,746 service connections as of 18 October 2011.

CAWADI is very grateful for the financial assistance thru loans accorded by the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and LWUA. In addition to its own financial resources, it managed to achieve its main objective: “To provide safe, viable and adequate water to the whole locality.” Aside from 100% water service coverage to the whole town, comprising twenty-nine (29) barangays, a total of eight (8) adjoining localities are also being served, namely: Malolos = 1; Plaridel = 1; Pulilan = 1; Apalit, Pampanga = 2; Macabebe, Pampanga = 3.

In January of 2007, the construction of a 4-storey building was started on a 773 sq.m. lot located at the heart of Calumpit town proper. It was finished in the year 2008 which coincided with CAWADI’s 28th anniversary. After thirty-one (31) long years of hard work, dedication and determination, it now enjoys the fruits of its labor.

At present, CAWADI is happy to inform its valued customers that everybody in CAWADI, to include job order personnel, plumbers, meter readers, collectors, pump operators, other field personnel, and office personnel, together with the Officers, Division Managers, General Manager and the Board of Directors, is untiringly serving its concessionaires, as well as learning new technology to improve its facilities and to deliver excellent customer service.


Calumpit Water District is dedicated and committed to achieve its ---


A world class Water District that provides water and effective sanitation services anchored on excellent customer service delivery.


Guided by our vision, we commit ourselves to:

Ensure adequate water resources; provide safe and potable water at affordable cost, and carry out sanitation services through competent and dedicated workforce strongly committed to protect the environment.


WE, the CWD Officers, Management and Staff with God’s providence, commit to provide the people of Calumpit safe, adequate and affordable water thru quality services.


CWD management style is a combination of paternalistic (from the Latin word “pater” meaning father) and autocratic (authoritarian) leadership styles. The Management successfully got things done through people working in unity, with perseverance and passion to make CWD viable and sustainable. People empowerment contributes in maintaining high employee morale. Thus, corporate culture may be defined as a commitment to making certain values, behaviors, and goals expressed by CWD as desirable become reality.

The major management functions of managers and supervisors (Planning, Organizing, Leading and Control functions) are being performed thru the proper guidance and problem-solving / decision-making by the Board of Directors and the General Manager as well. Pro-active approach is being applied. We are result-oriented rather than activity-oriented. Multi-tasking of personnel is being introduced.

As advised by Prof. Solita “Winnie” Monsod to the government sector / government-controlled agencies, we adhere to “more efficiency and more transparency policy”.

CWD Management takes into consideration the needs and wants of its employees, and thus, they are big, happy and pro-active members of a family. As members of a family, they do love and enjoy their work while attaining the company’s goals, coupled with virtues, e.g., strong faith in God, gratitude, hard work, humility, mutual trust, respect, determination, honesty / transparency, joint accountability and graft-&-corruption free. All these in search of excellence for quality customer service delivery.

Thus, in unity, they all believe that they can achieve their shared objective through team work for the common good. Team work is like having many minds with a single goal that is geared towards the attainment of CWD’s vision / mission.


Customers First -

• Always

• Anytime

• At all times