as of December 2023

DIR. CHRISTOPHER NOEL S. LOPEZ Community Relations Officer


  1. Exercises overall supervision and control of activities;
  2. Defines and promulgates the corporate objectives, targets and direction of the Board;
  3. Promulgates rules and regulations necessary to carry out the objectives, policies and functions of the Board;
  4. Ensures the attainment of objectives and targets, and the implementation of policies, programs, rules and regulations;
  5. Ensures the provision of adequate water system facilities and their proper maintenance;
  6. Ensures financial stability and growth;
  7. Establishes effective coordination / liaison with other government offices, private entities, water system users and the general public;
  8. Coordinates and liaises with local and international entities involved in water transport and commerce;
  9. Performs other functions as may be directed by the Board.


Engr. RONNIE B. LARGADO, General Manager


  1. Establishes and evaluates office performance;
  2. Oversees all administrative and finance operations such as
    1. Human Resources Management consists of the following major interrelated areas:
      • Recruitment and Selection – bringing new personnel/workers into the organization. Employees shall be selected on the basis of fitness to perform the duties and assume the responsibilities of the position;
      • Motivation and Supervision – monitoring and organizing employees to accomplish work, including issues of compensation, job design, discipline and leadership;
      • Career Development – helping the employees to fully develop his/her talents to attain a level of self-fulfillment.

      HRM is primarily a service and support functions, linking as organization and its people through service to both, with the goal of helping each other to serve others.

    2. Administrative Services
      • Procurement and Records SectionCWD prepares, maintains and updates a duly-approved Agency Procurement Management Plan (APMP) for all its procurements, to include each individual project, a Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP).APMP consists of Annual Supply Procurement Program (ASPP) and Annual Equipment Procurement Program (AEPP).
      • Administrative Department sees to it that all pertinent records are intact and well-kept.
    3. General Services
      • Property and supply Management SectionCWD performs planning in Property and Supply Management (PSM), which involves in the development of PSM objectives and the necessary actions to achieve them. Ensures the safety and security of all the district’s building, plant assets, materials and supplies, and other company properties. Sees to it that said properties are all accounted for.
      • Building, Ground and Facilities ManagementAdministrative Dept. ensures Good Housekeeping / cleanliness / orderliness of the building, grounds/premises and all facilities on a daily basis.
  3. Implements and enforces CAWADI internal policies and procedures / rules and regulations on Human Resources Management, specifically effective Leave Administration, Daily Biometrics Attendance Monitoring and Control System, Employee Welfare and Benefits, Personnel Conduct and Discipline, Echo Reports re: Seminars/Training Workshops, Reaction Paper(s) as instructed by the General Manager, and other related matters; in accordance with the Civil Service Commission’s laws and rules as a government-controlled entity. The Administrative Department is headed by Mrs. EMELY E. ECHEVARRIA



The General Accounting Functions
The general functions of the Accounting Unit of Water Districts are to formulate accounting policies and procedures in accordance with the New Government Accounting System (NGAS) and the Philippine Government Accounting Standards (PGAS), to maintain records of financial transactions, to monitor assets of the corporation, to report its financial status and operations, and to comply with government reporting requirements.The specific functions are as follows:

  1. Policy Formulation
    1. Formulates accounting policies and procedures for the systematic recording and reporting of all financial transactions of the corporation in accordance with authoritative pronouncements, such as the issuances of the Commission on Audit and the Department of Budget and Management, and the Philippine Government Accounting System; and
    2. Provides guidance to other organizational units of the water district on the implementation of relevant accounting policies and procedures.
  2. Transaction Recording
    1. Maintains adequate records of financial transactions;
    2. Records all financial transactions in the books of accounts of the water district. Verifies appropriateness of transactions prior to recording; and
    3. Maintains subsidiary records for recording, reporting, analyses and reconciliation of the subsidiary accounts with the control accounts.
  3. Cash Management
    1. Receives all cash and issues the corresponding Official Receipts; and
    2. Deposits all collections on a daily basis.
  4. Asset Monitoring
    1. Accounts for acquisitions, disposals and changes in assets of the water district through proper maintenance of records prescribed under the NGAS;
    2. Provides for depreciation of assets over their estimated useful lives.
  5. Financial Reporting
    1. Prepares and submits periodic financial statements (Balance Sheet, Statement of Income and Expenses, Statement of Changes in Government Equity, Statement of Cash Flow, and other relevant supporting schedules and reports) for CAWADI Management, the Government and other stakeholders, in accordance with the NGAS and PGAS;
    2. Prepares interim / special financial reports for CAWADI Management financial analyses and timely decision-making.

    The Finance Services Department is headed by Mrs. TERESITA E. DE LEON.




The Commercial Services Department performs various frontline services as follows:

  1. Application for new service connection;
  2. Meter reading;
  3. Billing;
  4. Collection;
  5. Customer inquiries and complaints handling;
  6. Other service requests.

The Commercial Services Department is headed by Mrs. ELVIRA M. RAÑOPA.


EOD is primarily responsible for Production and Operation, Planning, Design, Construction & Maintenance of CWD water supply system., i.e., to provide safe and adequate domestic water service through its 164-kilometer pipeline network and 15 water sources scattered throughout the whole service area. EOD has two major divisions, namely:

  1. Water Resources Division
    1. Provides safe, potable and adequate water service to concessionaires 24 hours a day including the design, construction, operation and maintenance of water sources, pumping stations and its facilities, transmission mains, pumps, reservoirs, chlorination, electrical, electronic and mechanical control equipment;
    2. Develops and implements programs to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Standard including direction and coordination of several functions involving the microbiological laboratory, chemical laboratory, and environmental programs;
    3. Provides the maintenance of some CWD office building facilities such as electronics and electrical equipments and fire fighting facilities.Headed by Senior Water Utilities Management
  2. Planning and Design / Construction and Maintenance Division;
    1. Executes the design and construction of water system maintenance and projects in accordance with the Department’s Technical Standards and priority program;
    2. Provides continual review and evaluation of the water system and presents strategic approach and solutions to anticipated problems;
    3. Establishes and maintains development programs to ensure that the present and future water needs will be satisfied and ascertains that the water systems are brought up to the required standards for pressure, flow volume and quality;
    4. Responsible for the design and preparation of comprehensive and systematic maintenance program for transmission and distribution mains;
    5. Provides maintenance and repairs of water mains and appurtenances, fire hydrants, fire mains, blow-off valves, gate valves and air valves;
    6. Restores damaged concrete road pavement as required for complete maintenance work / project and provides some customer service;
    7. Also in charge with some facilities maintenance, to include but not limited to CWD office building water lines, sewer lines and plumbing fixtures.Headed by Senior Water Utilities Management Officer.

    The Engineering and Operations Department is headed by Mr. EDILBERTO P. SANTOS.