1. “Bill for the Month of July 2010? means the consumption month.
2. Information details of the concessionaire.
3. “Pres Reading” actual reading of water meter as of reading date
(Present Reading)
4. “Prev Reading” water meter reading of the previous month
(Previous Reading)
5. “Consumption” the volume of water consumed in cu.m. from last reading date to present reading date
6. “Bill Amount” the equivalent peso value of the actual volume of water consumed for the month
7. “2% Franchise Tax” tax being imposed on the bill amount.
8. “Arrears” outstanding balance or unpaid bill as of the last billing period, if any
9. “Amount Before Due” the total amount to be paid before the due date
10. “Service Charge” fine to be imposed after the due date
11. “Amount After Due” the total amount to be paid after the due date
12. “Reading Date” the actual reading date or billing date
13. “Due Date” the last day of payment prior to imposing of the Service Charge
14. “Remarks” the status of billing
15. “Meter Reader” the name of the CWD field personnel whos is in-charge of meter reading
16. “This is NOT valid as an Official Receipt…” relevant reminders when paying your bill