About the Service: The “One-Water Meter, One-Household” Policy of the Calumpit Water District shall be implemented. All fees, including the cost of labor and materials should be paid by the applicant/client prior to installation. All materials for service connection should be released to client upon payment of all fees except for clustered connections.

Availability of the Service: Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM (No Noon Break)



Commercial Services Department (CSD)



Type of Transaction:

G2C – Government to Citizen

Who may avail:

All bonafide residents of Calumpit, Bulacan and nearby barangays of the Municipalities of Apalit, Macabebe, Malolos and Pulilan



1. Valid ID (1 photocopy)


2. Barangay Clearance (1 original copy)

Barangay Hall – Barangay Chairman/ Secretary

3. Mayor’s Permit (1 original copy)

Municipality of Calumpit – Municipal Engineering’s Office

4. National Housing Authority (NHA) Waiver for Northville IX residents (1 original copy)


NHA Office in Balagtas, Bulacan

5. Primewater Waiver for City of Malolos residents (1 original copy)

Malolos City Primewater Office – Office of the Branch Manager

6. Service Connection Official Receipt (1 photocopy)

CWD Cashier – Finance Services Department (FSD) 2nd floor

7. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) in case of non-appearance of the applicant (1 original copy)


Law Office

8. Waiver from the Barangay Chairman in case of bore holing and road cutting activities (1 original copy)

Barangay Hall – Barangay Chairman/Secretary

9. Waiver from the Municipal Mayor in case residents are located within the dike area (1 original copy)

Municipality of Calumpit – Municipal Engineering’s Office






1. Proceed to CSD Customer Services Division. Present Barangay Clearance & Valid ID

1.1. Validate the authenticity of the requirements
1.2. Provide application form applicant/client


10 minutes

Customer Service (CSD)

2. Fill-out application form

2.1. Orient applicant/client on the schedule of inspection/survey for verification of address/location, bill of materials & cost estimate to be conducted by the Water Maintenance Man
2.2. Application form to be signed by Utilities Service Officer B & approved by Department Head
2.3. Schedule the inspection


15 minutes

Customer Service (CSD)

3. Wait for the Water Maintenance Man for the Inspection/survey

3.1. Inspect/survey the applied application
3.2. Issue the application form & the cost estimate to the applicant/ client



2 days (under normal working condition)

Water Maintenance Man (CSD)

4. Secure Mayor’s Permit at Municipal Hall and proceed to CSD & present all the requirements

4.1. Validate the authenticity of the requirements and cost estimate


10 minutes

Customer Service (CSD) (CSD)

5. Proceed to the Cashier at FSD, 2nd floor. Present the cost estimate. Pay the indicated cost of materials and fees. Secure Official Receipt

5.1. Accept the payment
5.2. Issue and attach Official Receipt

Cost Estimate of Materials is indicated in the estimate form
(Please see attached sample estimate & price list of materials)

Other Fees:
• Application
– P50.00

• Registration
– P500.00

• Road Crossing      * Regular
– P650.00
* National Highway
– P1,300.00

• Water Maintenance Fee
– P250.00

• Excavation
– P250.00

• Plumbing, 30% of cost of materials

10 minutes

Senior Cashier/ Cashier A (FSD)

6. After payments, return to CSD Customer Services Division. Present the complete requirements with the Official Receipt

6.1. Orientation/ Briefing of Rules and Regulations of the district to the applicant/client
6.2. Prepare the Water Service Contract Agreement and have it signed by the applicant/client

6.3. Prepare Requisition & Issue Slip (RIS) and Maintenance Order (MO) with the complete requirements
6.4. RIS/MO & Water Service Contract Agreement to be signed by Utilities Service Officer B., Department Head & General Manager


35 minutes

Customer Service (CSD) (CSD)

7. Proceed to CWD Stockroom at 2nd floor, left wing. Present the complete documents

7.1. Check the RIS and issue service connection materials
7.2. Give the RIS for applicant/client’s signature
7.4. Prepare Gate Pass
7.3. Advise the applicant/client to keep the issued materials and give it to CWD Plumbers on the scheduled date of service connection


15 minutes

Storekeeper/ Water Maintenance Man (AD)

8. Proceed to the Guard-on-Duty. Present the complete documents with the Gate Pass and issued materials

8.1. Check issued materials and record in the logbook         



5 minutes

CWD Guard-on-Duty

9. Give the complete set of service connection materials to the Water Maintenance Man on the scheduled date

9.1. Proceed to the location
9.2. Road cut/bore hole and install water meter and material fittings
9.3. Present the Maintenance Order and have it signed by

applicant/client for acknowledgement of work done
9.4. Furnish the original copy of Water Service Contract Agreement






2 hours (normal working condition)

1 day (with road crossing)



Water Maintenance Man/Plumbers (CSD)




* 2 days, 3 hours & 40 minutes (under normal working condition)

* 3 days, 1 hour & 40 minutes (with road crossing)


SAMPLE Computation of Water Service Connection


with Road Crossing

   * Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Price List of Materials

   * Prices are subject to change without prior notice